Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quote of mine

The spirit's ultimate joy is to experience itself through physicality.
Get back fully in your body now then relax into aliveness and its sweet taste.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

I contemplate the succession of me
even within the silence that follows

Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

Distances that punctuate
how you bring me the horizon!

Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

Scattered pine trees till fire
the enchanted breath within

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arabic Poetry

يُحَرِّكُ   بِضَوء  القَمَر  نصَّ  أحاديثنا

غير  المُباحة  الا  في  زُرْقَةِ  عينيه

ويتَّخِذُ  الوَقتَ  أُرجوحةً

 تُهَدْهِدُهُ  ما  بين  المَلائِكة  والشياطين

الى حين  صَحْوَته  الكُبرى

على  يَدِ  عرّافة

في حُلْم ٍ  كاسِر

تُنبأه   بطفل ٍ   لم   يُفارقه

هو  هو

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quote of mine

Your Openness while being fully Grounded is your Optimal Protection.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Metaphysics Note

Dear reader, you might be surprised by what I am to reveal: There is no Karma. Do not accept suffering as a due payment of Karma. Do not buy into suffering in the name of Karma. Remember Haruki Murakami quote: "Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional". Indeed, Suffering is a Choice.

To understand the whole Universe, let go of Karma and "think of vibrations" as Nikolas Tesla advised. Negative vibrations entrap you (by the law of resonance) till you raise your awareness and choose consciously to vibrate differently. A given negative vibration is the outcome of a misbelief, an unhealthy thought you bought into (or even your soul -a bought in misbelief running havoc for multi past lives-), taking you away from harmony and balance, resulting in your disempowerment.

To raise your awareness, 'peel the onion' meaning be inquisitive, start with identifying the recurring sick patterns running your life and ruining your joy, then identify the misbelief that founded a given pattern and subsequently find out which seed planted the misbelief (the misbelief's origin). Realize and acknowledge how this/these misbelief(s) lower(s) your vibration, entrapping you. Dissect what is so to transcend it.

A little of Awareness does wonder; Imagine what a strong dose of Awareness, can achieve!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Quote of mine

Resistance as a vibration reinforces the frequency of limitations. Choose differently by embracing 'to allow'. Walk through to go beyond.

Quote of mine

Dimming your light out of being "considerate" to others is the worst disservice you do to yourself and others. Inspire others by shining your light to the fullest. Let them catch your high vibrations: Blessed contagiousness.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quote of mine

As often as you can, tell your cells: Thank you, I love you & I command you to relax now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Metaphysics Note

The rainbow as a symbol confesses the importance of harmony in between all chakras (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Harmony that stems from balance in between chakras is what allows the natural flow of Divine Light within.

Crystals that reflect rainbows are activators of harmony within. Yet they are just an activator. It all depends on how the subject receives, interacts and co-creates with the given activating energy.

I wish you, the reader of my blog, a tribe of rainbows and stronger awareness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote of mine

Instead of survival, seek self refinement that leads inevitably to thriving.

Sunset Photography

Monday, July 20, 2015

Metaphysics Note

I often repeat "How to anchor more of my spirit into my physical body?" as an open ended affirmation that activates without limiting the process. 
These days I am contemplating the relationship of "my spirit" with "Holy Spirit" ... In the Bible, it is preached to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that Jesus walks again through you. Since all Spirits are holy by definition (mind you to distinguish between Spirit and Soul ),  I now transmute the Bible preaching into:

Anchoring more of your Spirit into physical body, is to allow you to activate your Christ Consciousness, revealing the Creator within. 

This constitutes my current understanding of  Christian Trinity, that merges with my knowing of Oneness and its fractal geometry.

Cedars Arz, Lebanon


Gibran Khalil Gibran

Friday, July 17, 2015

Quote of mine

Savoring your Presence as spirit, soul and body in the now moment for no reason, is a magical experience beyond any dream of yours. Opt for Presence first and never wait for an alibi to feel alive.

Quote of Mine

Nothing is more important than compassion, except self compassion.

Metaphysics Note

As a healer, I observe and identify patterns as well as phenomenas. Certain persons who are in the early to mid phase of awakening, tend to force themselves to heal. It is totally counteractive: Forcing is never a way that leads to healing. Healing is the most natural process that exits. As a creation of Pure Source, human beings natural vibes are high. What lowers them is the quantity of adopted misbeliefs that spins a person out of his natural state. By raising awareness and uncovering why, how and when a given misbelief was adopted, realizing what its name suggests - a wrong belief bought into as an unconscious reaction -, healing gets activated.

Forcing is not to be confused with empowerment. Self empowerment is re-gained by letting go of misbeliefs, ending their subsequent sick patterns. Meanwhile, forcing stems out of fear and an urge to resist so to feel in control.

After all, Life does not aim to inflict suffering on human beings. Rather, Life offers human beings a golden opportunity to expand through experiences and learned lessons.

I seize the opportunity to remind you, my reader, of a Quote of Mine: To Simply Be is an Act of Allowance.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quote of mine

Do not confuse Simplicity with Loneliness. Simplicity means being in Allowance, just like Mother Nature. Loneliness stems from over-discipline, resistance, a constant need to limit whatever for the benefit of controlling it. Opt for Simplicity. Let go of Loneliness that brings forth a hollowness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Quote of mine

Beware of the difference between Pride and Integrity. Pride is an item on the Ego's list. Meanwhile Integrity reflects how authentic your behavior is as an expression of your soul. Opt for Integrity instead of Pride. Being conscious of nuances reflects how much aware you have become.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Dandelion metaphysics ~
how to tease a Willow
per breath

Quote of mine

Fine-tuning your question activates the most appropriate process that reveals.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quote of mine

Home is not a physical place, rather a frequency you vibrate at. Home is the frequency of love that relaxes you into being yourself.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Center Stage Venus


to swallow ...
an eternity
within Sunset

3 lines poetry

amid stillness
I trace my steps back to Venus


outshining Venus
the solitary fisherman's lantern
hushed Jupiter

how poetic 2 dots can be!
filling the void


floating mid breath
upside down
the exclamation mark of sunset

Friday, July 10, 2015

Quote of Mine

Opting to veil what is, out of fear, is an entrapment: How can you go beyond what is if you refuse to see it?

Quote of mine

To simply be is an act of allowance.

Quote of mine

Comparing yourself to others, limit you to expectations whether fulfilled or not. Get out of expectations' trap by letting go of comparison. Celebrate your uniqueness without a prerequisite to fully grasp it, so to embrace aliveness in all circumstances.


White butterfly
on grass
the cloud flapping wings

Thursday, July 9, 2015


the pine trees
around my father's tomb
how much they have grown

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


mild wind
peeping through the reed curtains
into the expansiveness of her embrace

mild wind
to comb wild fantasies hidden
among black hair

mild wind
gathering few glances of naked soul
in surrender to what is

mild wind
learning to ride silk and its pattern
towards the heart

mild wind

(Painter: Uemura Shoen
Painting title: Yang gui fei
Completion date: 1922)

Quote of mine

Your fear is a consent, an open door invitation to what you fear.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Storytelling of Love

He folded his nakedness
a rose in her embrace
She was omnipresent
a mystic incense
made to be lit by organic surrender
Together as the Universe
whirling within and throughout
spilled, disintegrating to rise from the ashes
as Love re-experiencing Its Bliss

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Peekaboo bumblebee

Peekaboo bumblebee
in lavender field
how did the years fly away

snapping rare childhood life
I fall in the gap
between breaths

I can fly


To Blossom

Tulip me

Thursday, July 2, 2015


star gazing
his fingertip dipped in
wild berries

I walk my breath
to the edge

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Arabic Poetry (Sufism)

عاشقة لكَ، ذائبة فيكَ
وجدتُني في عين اليقين
أسامِرُ حضوري حدّ الياء 
غَمَرَني الحقّ و نورُه 
إرتحلتُ من النافذة المُشرّعة الى قلب الشمس
وفاضَ العِشقُ مِن ذاته

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quote of mine

Compassion, whether towards self or others, is the secret behind every miraculous unfolding.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metaphysics Note on Equilibrium

To have equilibrium in between one's male and female energies, does not mean having 50% male energy and 50% female energy most of the time. It rather means having the liberty and luxury to access any energy rate most adequate for a given situation. Meaning being able to be 100% male at an X situation or 100% female energy at Y situation or 70% female at Z situation ...
Freedom to consciously choose the most adequate is "Equilibrium".


a balcony swing
and jasmine breeze
is it me or you
caress of memories
moon-peeking in between clouds
a song from faraway
seeping through
so sweetly fathomless
chiseling out eternity for hinge
the climber mist


sunset gazing
of goodbye

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Expanding into sea
as I walk on seashore

Monday, June 15, 2015

Arabic Poetry

هذا الليل نافذة مُشرّعة على ترحالي فيك ما بين الاحرف ومداكَ الهارب اليّ "زاوجتَ "قليلٌ من الخمر" مع "هذا المساء"
وما المساءُ بلا ليلٍ جفاه المنطق وما الخمرُ بلا رقصة الرؤى وملاكٍ يصدح إقرأ في العاشق إقرأني كتنهيدة عِطر يَرجُّ آفاقها دعوةٌ لصلاة الفجر

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Edible Exhale

Blossoming in colors of inner ecstasy
Soaring and diving
Withholding the breath in a roar of sensuality
Tighter muscles than a heavy weight lifter
Yet liquid like a morning dew shivering
A rose petal about to tumble wide open
And the breeze pregnant with thousand light touches
Self grounding in a sky of mysticism
Commanding white shade to fly over virgin lands
Dissolving into blue then green
Marks of clenched fist on linen
As if a written love mantra
Edible exhale

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sharing a precious activating affirmation of Matt Kahn

“As the master of my destiny, and the creator of my reality, I hereby move my consciousness into a parallel timeline where all soul contracts have already been resolved, all energetic cords have already been cut, all karmic ties have been undone, all ancestral lineages and bloodlines and genetic predispositions have been transmuted, all cellular memories released, all self defeating habits, patterns of sabotage, victimhood, unconsciousness has been released out of this energy field along with all lower vibrational influences, beliefs, identifications and attachments returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely, returned to the purity, wholeness and perfection of eternal light as I reside here as a fully conscious, aligned and embodied living expression of ascension within my soul’s highest reality within the fifth dimensional Earth plane, acknowledging and celebrating the ascension of Earth that is already occurred to completion, the shift of the ages that is already shifted, the Aquarian Age, of Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age have unity consciousness that is fully actualized in the present moment time anchored as my new zero point of field where I freely receive all the infinite flowing abundance, prosperity and wealth that has already been given, the absolute success of my highest destiny that is already here, the greatest fulfillment, the most miraculous health, synchronicity, immaculate perfection that is present in every breath as I interact with the highest aspects of all I meet and encounter, celebrating the fulfillment of the work I have already done in previous lifetimes, with anything that is below this highest vibration no longer present in this energy field or any energy field throughout, as my highest potential is accepted to be who I am now and forever, within and throughout, the infinite forms of all, with a loving heart, living within a cascading waterfall of inspiration, embodying the highest frequency of joy, bringing forth the highest expressions of truth, knowing and declaring that only the loving wise Universe chooses every word, makes every choice, orchestrates every opportunity with only the highest possibility ever coming forth and in knowing it is so, now and forever, once and for all, I command it as I am now and so it is.” ~ Matt Kahn

Friday, June 5, 2015

"I so love you"

And we soar
2 filaments weaving light
foolish as ever in the completeness of surrender
breaths are hardly able to follow the pace
of sensuality, of bliss, of merging
within each other weaving even more light
into light
manifesting virgin dimensions
fractal geometry reaches a level, even richer, of significance
pantheons of Gods and Goddesses align in us

Then ...

Like a burnt incense or a sweetly hummed mantra barely audible
seeping through from a parallel reality
we finally fade away to re-emerge
certainty and clarity of "I so love you"
connected always

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arabic Poetry

غزلت  من  الصمت  وِشاحا 
كجناحي  ملاك
ومضت  من  فعل ٍ الى آخر
لاثمة ً  الارضَ  خيراً  برِفق  نظراتها
اضاءت  دروبا ً كثيرة  ما عدا دربها
اسقطت  استفهامي   عنها
"c'est trop tard " بدُعاء
قالته   مرارا ً بعدد  حبّات  المسبحة
كم  كرهتُ  تلك  العبارة  واحببتها
رشح  البخور من  اصابع  يديها
وباركت  الجديلة  لطفلة  كُنتها
صباحُ  الخير  جدتي  منيرة
من  سمائي  الى  سمائك  الفُ   شعاع  نور


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Arabic Poetry

وجهُكَ المُتلألئ 
على ما تَموَّجَ  من الرغبات
دعوَة ٌ شَقيّة  للتِرحال  فيكَ
ما بين الثنايا والذبذبات
يقولون هي قابلة ٌ للتأويل
فيما  إدراكي  يُنبئُني  بالنقيض
عَطشُ  صحرائِكَ   يُناجي  السراب
سأكونه  ولو  لِبُرهة
ثمَّ أمضي 
خَلفي  بَدرٌ  وذِئاب

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Do not choke on emotions nor suppress them. Let them flow like a river that nourishes your creativity.  Be in awe and listen to the sound of water. There lies the magical unfolding of your presence.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Arabic Poetry

الوقت أرجوحة منسيّة يُلاعِبُها الريح
ريحُ الذكريات  والاماني
فيما اناي خارج  الزمان  والمكان  كما داخلهما
إدراكٌ  طائف مبعوثٌ  للتحاور 
عاصفةٌ مداها في اتساعٍ مستمر
تُقلِب الامور رأساً على عقب
وفي عين العاصفة الكل اناي حتى الوقت

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Personal Note

Here my open ended intention-question that activates the process without limiting it:

How to be Aleph connecting Mother Earth to Father Cosmos while being an authentic channel of Pure Source Energy for the best benefit of all that is.

Arabic Poetry

كُلما شقّ الفجرُ  بانفاسِه عُمقَ الليل واسراره
تسألتُ هل لي من مِثله يا حُب
انسياب نورالعاشق حينما الولوج  كصلاة ٍ كَوْنية 
تغمرُ القلب حدّ المِعراج الى السموات السبع
والكُلْ في  داخلي  ودواخلي  يُسبّح  بحمده  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Arabic Poetry

في مهب النسيم
منتشرةٌ  كازهار كرز
لاثِمة ٌ، بتلة بتلة، سطحَ  ماءك    
وكشال ٍ من العطر على جسدك العاري  اراني
بين المِرآة  والذاكرة بعضٌ  من التدفق 
هذا الفجرُ
يُعيدُني الى بعضي
تدنو يدي من المِشّط
لأُسرِّح  بعضي والخُصلات

Arabic Poetry

تسابق  شوقي  اليه
والثواني سُلحفاة 
لثمَتني هالتُه
فتدحرجت الجدران بين الخلايا
وسال جسدي الى بَحره
قيل المرأة إحتواء 
وما رأيتُني الا صَدَفة ً على شواطئه
هَمَسَ  سِرّه والخلود في جَوفِها

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arabic Poetry

فيما الوقتُ  نملة  نائمة
يوقظني العِشق
والعِشقُ  نَفَس  خالص  يتوغّل
شموع ٌ تُراقِصُ  الريح  كما النسيم  فتضبط  إلايقاع
عيناي شُرفتان من الياسمين
تُطلان على المُلكِ  ومالكه ساعة السَحر
تطوف الروح عارية الى الينبوع 
تُضاءُ المرايا بالهَمْس
يغتسل الينبوع  بمائه عِشقا 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arabic Poetry

قَمَرٌ عُمرُه ُ يَومان  يُغازِلُ  نجمة َ فينوس
وسيارتي تَقودُ  ذاتها فيما انا شاردة 
هل لثمتني عيناكَ  رُغمَ  المسافة  وجهلي فيك
تتلعثم ُ سيارتي  بالضوء الاحمر
مُتساءلة ً

أيّ عقد ٍ من  الغرام  أوصّت  به  روحي
لا القمرُ سابق ٌ فينوس  ولا فينوس سابقة ٌ القمر
فكيف اللقاء
تتسارعُ  سيارتي  الى  مُستقرّ لها
فتتباطأ  أنفاسي  الى  عُمق ِ روحي  وتنقبض

Monday, May 18, 2015

Arabic Poetry

في باطن يدي
نجومٌ من العطش اليكَ والسُكْر فيكَ
تدور و تدور
فيما انتَ  في غيبتكَ الكُبرى ذِكْرٌ سَرمدي
ظهوركَ  المنتظر من باطن يدي
كسماءٍ تتلمس دربها عبر النجوم الى شمسها
رافعةٌ كفاي قُبالة وجهي
أهمس في الباطن والنَفَسُ  مُرتحلٌ اليكَ منكَ

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Tonight I give up racing sunset to dawn
I give up rising in the light column
I opt to dye my being in 10 feet under dirt
Dirt of no color, the scent of compassion
Void engulfs me like a blanket
I rest there in fetus position
Listening to Earth rhyming its love like a lullaby
Thoughts punctuate the longing in my heart
“Mother, have I done you wrong
Mother, have I done you right”
And Earth replies:
“Hush my baby and sleep: Time for you to dream.”
And I dream out of love for Mother Earth.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Arabic Poetry

قُبيل الفجر تغوص الانفاس نسيماً
في صدى السكون نحو ارض الروح
الى وردةٍ  نداها عِشقُ الله
يرتجف الندى فترتجف الارض والانفاس
مَن مِنّا اناي في الحضرة

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Yhandi Healing Modality

I lately learned a healing modality named Yhandi at Delphi University (Atlanta). It mesmerizes me. It is the first shadow work I get to learn as metaphysician. Instead of going up to the Light, one dives in, into the unconscious. Let me share with you, my dear blog reader, the unconscious is so complex and intelligent. Whatever "meaningful" experience is trapped there, in your unconscious, waiting for your awareness to free it, freeing yourself from its destructive impact.

All "bad" feelings have an origin in faulty thoughts that one had bought into. Faulty thoughts keep creating negative repetitive patterns that are powerful enough to ruin your life. Yet all that it takes is for you to be consciously aware that a specific faulty thought, as its name announce it, is faulty; Choosing to counter act it with equivalent affirmation; Recognizing your free choice of thoughts to invest in and deciding to choose better or wisely of whatever you wish.

It is Alchemy work: Diving into sewage (without judgement) to recover diamonds through discerning awareness. Meaning transmuting sewage material into jewels.

Orbs Passion

Lizard Saga

Sunday, April 5, 2015

the real issue note

(Certain degree of simplification is used for enhanced clarity)

There are:
1- Soul infused personality (here realm)
2- Soul (higher realm)
3- Spirit (highest realm)

Through conventional Past Life regression sessions and/or meditation, one can profile his soul, meaning accessing higher realm.
Through OBE and/or meditation, one is able to contact Spirit, meaning accessing highest realm.

Yet the real issue here is how to anchor more of Spirit into physicality: Shifting from partial accessibility of Light to optimal one. It is no more "how to go there" but rather "how to anchor there here", experiencing Heaven on Earth.

P.S: Heaven that is mentioned above, is not about a fixed Deity (or pantheon of Deities) and who believes in Him, Her, It or Them. It is about empowering each one of us to access his Divine powers here and now.


Friday, April 3, 2015

When I meet Alexander . . . Past life regression

In my first group past life regression at Delphi, In Depth channeling workshop, I meet Alexander. With more meditations done on my own, I unearthed even more details. Multiple years have passed by, until now that I am able to jot down few lines without getting so emotional.

Alexander is a Russian boy living in Saint Petersburg. He is 17 years old, spending Summer with his grandparents at a remote place in the mountain, away from where he lived. One day while roaming the forest on his own, he finds a giant crystal: really giant column of crystal with pointed head. He puts his arms around the crystal in a warm hug, palms fully embracing it. While in a euphoric trance from the magical touch, a UFO, as if summoned by the crystal itself, appears and light beings descend. Time and Space take a weird turn. Suddenly, Alexander is within the circular UFO, lying down on something flat at the center. Images start to circulate around the walls. As if the inside walls have a strip of circular screen. He telepathically knows those images are about his soul in past and future incarnations. Something about Maya grasps his attention. Maybe it is her gaze full of compassion and that smile of hers, full of hope. He is mesmerized about her. Suddenly and abruptly, he is back on land while light beings saying goodbye. He rejects wholeheartedly leaving them. They do not ask even his opinion about it. As if their mission is accomplished. They leave, alone. For the first time in his life, Alexander feels real anger. A year passed and he enters the army. It is eighteen hundred something with a Tsar as ruler. He graduates from army as an extra serious young man. He becomes a scientist working on secret researches for the benefit of the army. His main project is how to regenerate the physical body through the etheric body using a mathematical equation. He roams battlefields and works on amputees to fine-tune his equation. As for his private life, in his thirties, his best friend of less fortunate background dies, leaving behind one daughter. Knowing how she might suffer and endure alone, Alexander marries her. Her name is Helena. Although they are to have together five kids, Alexander loves Helena as his daughter, his favorite one. He is extremely delighted to dance with her at the Tsar palace court during official ceremonies. It brings him such a joy to see her blossoming in such a regal way.
During one of his battlefield missions, he faces a tragic incident and loses his right arm. As frantically as he tries to finalize the equation as its worth got very personal, as much despair invades his life in slow but sure rhythm. He attempts to talk to Maya through his bridge from physical to etheric realms.  Then, depression hits him badly. He dies in his fifties while talking to Maya through his hallucinations, as he became alcoholic, telling her he now conveys to her the responsibility to regenerate the physical body from the etheric one: It is now her life mission. Also, he makes her promise to take care of Helena in whatever incarnation she might be, as a personal favor for him.

Maya is me, at least, my current name. Helena incarnated as my mother Houda whom I loved strangely enough as my daughter since I opened my eyes. I took care of Houda for 10 years while she was in coma. I bathed her much more than she ever bathed me. I still love her as my daughter, God bless her precious soul. During my teenage years and onward, my right arm used to get very agitated whenever I was emotionally disturbed, as if having a mind of its own. The remaining day of that first past life regression done in a group, my right arm got so agitated that I had to hold "it" with my left hand. The next day, during the morning meditation, light beings appeared and blessed my arm. Since that moment onward "it" ceased to be agitated yet always with a mind of its own as if tapping to another part of my soul. Gladly, it is no more agitated as its frustration with me catching up lessened. I am currently a metaphysician studying and experimenting with all possible healing modalities to find and found a way to regenerate the physical body from the etheric one. By the way, I hate alcohol, never had a sip.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


For a while as if excluded of Time and Space
Sea races wind in waves of passion
No need anymore for a mirror concerned about outer form
In an improvised sharing of deep essence
Salty, fiery and commanding
I too leave my body
And slip into the tiniest bubble gaps that love creates
Where are you?
The fullness of void
Explodes in physical longing
Autumn, early Spring

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The wicked way
The night sways within me
Closer to your breath

Where did my breath go?

And on which petal amrita glistened!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Arabic poetry on meditation series

أراقصُ الصمتَ في إيقاعٍ ناريّ من الانفاس
اتوغلّ داخلي نحو النبع
او هكذا شبّه لي
أم تراه النبع يتوغلّ الى كلّ كلي
اتلاشى مع آخر زفير ٍ بُرهة

اختبرها كإدراكٍ ازليّ لم يولد  
وفي العدم صعقة ُ الانبعاث
على رؤية ٍ غريبة
انا لستُ انا ولستُ النبع حصريا
انا فعلُ التوغّل 
ما بين النبع والكلّ

Arabic poetry on meditation

في فضائي الداخلي
لا جَسَدٌ لي سوى الحبّ
انهمرُ الوانا ً كقوس قزح
يُلاحِقها بدلال ٍ ضبابٌ  بنفسجيّ
لاتصاعد من خارجي الاول نحو خارجي الابعد
ذهَبا ً ينبض
مُستمرّ في الترحال
كشريان نور على تواصل مع الكل
لاسترجاع الشمس من عُمق الكون
والصمت يبوح
الكلّ انا

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lebanese slang poetry

زهر ونسمة هوا
بترندحني عَ شفاف السما
ومع كل شَهقة
غيمة سرحانة
"عَ  دروب "لو
قَوْلك طلع الوقت برّات الزمن
وسِكر بعيون زرقا
تيقلها بكَفّي وجع من
 حنين ما حدا بيعرف لمين

Friday, March 6, 2015

Metaphysical Observation

Certain people use pessimism as their shield of wisdom, an expression of their egotistic mental righteousness.
In a dimension of unified consciousness or as I like to surname it Sweet Divine Oneness, duality process of thinking is obsolete. There is no more pessimism nor optimism but rather authentic living with all the transparency that it commands.  There is no more judging but rather observing. It  is about honoring what is experienced irrespective of details of that given experience.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

(Arabic Poetry 2)

تسترسلُ عيناي في مُناجاة الشمس ساعة المغيب
تنزلقُ ذكرياتي على امواج البحر بريقاً بريقاً يَخفو
ذكرياتٌ مرتحلة ٌعنّي ترنو بعطفٍ الى الخيال في الوداع الاخير

انا لست انا
على افقٍ ذائبة ٌ الواني
الثُمها بانفاسٍ متقطعة
قبيل الولوج في كهف الناسك

أضيءُ   بَصيرتي
واستقرّ  في السكون
بين الثنايا
لا زفير ولا شهيق


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(Arabic Poetry 1)

حنيني الى مَعبد
بلا سَقفٍ ولا ابواب
يُلملمه تَمردُ الريح
في كفّ العدم
يعلو كأرز يُناجي
وينحني كثيراً كثيراً
من الرفق في عين الصمت
اكونه بعد أنفاس ٍ متأملة
في فيض ٍ نابض

Monday, February 23, 2015

Healers Note : Clarity of Vision

As healers, metaphysicians or more accurately energy activators, who have the sole target of empowering the other, we trigger a process that induces our subject to be in touch with his/her authenticity, realizing what is really his/hers and what is just contamination from others or dirt hanging on from the journey. We also channel Cosmic Energy coming from Pure Source to connect the physical body of our subject with it, the primordial source of all that is, switching on the memory of each cell back to perfect health. Yet, all healing is a self healing requesting the will, permission and cooperation of each subject soul.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


stoking gracefully
inner fire

expanding to the softness of light
and its warmth