Tuesday, October 13, 2015


of hues
white butterfly

2 lines

balcony view
how malleable a wall is

3 lines

scented skin
geese migrating early
to the other shore of his lips

5 lines

sideways glance
on windy night
sunset rebelling against softness
of wool hat
ticklish star laughing freckles

3 lines

sea drowning in one dew
solitary bench
on cliff

3 lines

moonlight songs and jasmine breeze
the unfathomable within
sweetness of being

5 lines

riding the wind in waves
a tiny hand
driving memories
with dad


the moon
in his palm

Monday, October 12, 2015

Storytelling (Lover of mine, Part III)

Past midnight, Cinderella is back to her insomnia, reviving Don Quichot and his windmills through a drizzle of Alphabet letters:

"Lover of mine is
Screaming silently liberate me from pain
Or drown with me in pain
I utter neither

As the Sun of love rises on the rose's petal
Everything wells up for a dew even faraway mist
The fullness of one lived moment encompasses all
Non judging what is as its prerequisite

Lover of mine is
Fighting his ghosts with shrewed discipline
I whisper past wind
Let them in so to let them go

As pain loses its label
All is a lived intensity
For who grasps depth of water
In addition to the effortless unfolding of 'to flow'

Lover of mine is
Resisting his past by judging his pain
Shredding his valley of hermits with an outcry
Blind to celebrating the beauty her eternal soul still shines

As windmills are attacked
Poem by poem
I wave, stop and come closer to heart
To breathe in its garden and simply be

Lover of mine
Whom I have not meet ... still
Let go of your scores
And let us hum a sky for wings."

Cinderella blows off the candle and sits by the window that looks to the other shore smiling yet this time she shifts her gaze to the North Star guiding all. She spots a shooting star of the soul that left too early. She kisses her with the brightest wishes on an endless journey. She apologizes too for the weeping brother who is mourning himself without a sister. The two girls laugh about his stubborness. One day he, like Don Quichot, is going to wake up from the trance.

10 min past the drizzle, she lit again herself for one last note, signing out the trilogy:

"Lover of mine whom I have never meet but read
Untangle sensuality from pain and punishment
It is not a tactic rather a world of alive love
Bursting out ever stronger to all that is"

5 lines

gliding his upper lip
from the other shore
an escaped breath

calling it back home
to be the blessed feast

5 lines

autumn dusk approaches
how to halt coldness
using the weight of longing
within a shared swallow
lit wonder

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Storytelling (Lover of mine, part II)

Waking up so slowly, lying down in bed still for savoring the life style of a sea turtle, she starts to flow in Alphabet letters:

"Lover of mine
Folding you slowly in my heart
Like a frankincense and myrrh scented letter
To journey together within the cosmos
On my sunny morning of Autumn

Gazing to the blue sky
I know the bluest pain
Our common ground
Yet we are meant to fly, not walk
Interlaced breaths

Through me, diving into Mother Earth
To its deepest crystalline cave of million shapes
Light of clustered Suns shining within
Glistening and shimmering on nakedness
Wrapping us in warmth of surrender and its jittery aftermath

Through me, soaring to the void of Pure Source
Past hallucination of angelic chorus
That has your inner child standing center stage
Then, to be silence within void
Disintegrating into the lightness of nothingness

Through me, birthing you on a different dimension
Watering your skin to bloom ever stronger in poetic essences
Stroking your hair of winter nights back to its pre dawn phase
Holding you in the fluffiness of love that does not possess
Liberating your fingertips to fly higher and deeper

Lover of mine
Whom I have not meet ... still
Be still, I hear you"

Finally, she stands up to be perfumed, wearing a smile. She lets her unfolding be. With grace and ease, she continues to breathe. A new day. Another twinkling in her gaze out of limitlessness and not expectations.

3 lines

Earl Grey tea, extra dark
along one Medjool date to share
gaze within gaze

3 lines

in the garden of the heart
vibrancy within colors
flame by flame

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Storytelling (Lover of mine, Part I)

Standing naked in her sweat, she jotted down a flow of alphabet letters, converging and diverging as they wished to:

"Lover of mine
Are you able not to shiver
Like an autumn leaf
In the winds of my longing

Are you capable to juggle between
My thirst and hunger of thousand years
To sip the dews off your body on a starless night
Nibble on your drowning gazes at my foreign depth

Spooning you between breeze and storms
While expanding your heart to the stillness of compassion
Stealing anger out of your character, judgement too
To help you grasp what co-creation means, not discipline

Walking the tight threads of your light and shadow
I observe you troubled by useless games on guilt
while knowing the inches of your body and soul
That float within a symphony of love, mine

Pacing myself into sweat
I contemplate how to seduce you back into being
Instead of your chosen marination in tedious calculations
Poetry is not to be scored from afar rather lived within

I sprinkle Archangels unto your body, new Demons too
Merging them with the wetness of my lips on your cells
To take you back to your wholeness within Oneness
Before what you have ever remembered or tried

Pre dawn, the void of Pure Source
Lifting us through a portal of lust
What mandala am I to draw on your translucency
To tease your Holy Spirit back to interaction

Lover of mine
Whom I have not meet ... still."

... Then she stepped in, under cold water to keep her exhale deep within, muting her voice into more talkative body. Her gaze kept twinkling, imprints of an everlasting fantasy. Or not.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Metaphysics Note: Happiness

You do not owe yourself to be happy. Happiness is a decision taken through awareness in the now moment irrespective circumstances. It is not a target you seek nor a mirage to follow nor a debt to yourself you have to worry about. By happiness, I mean Self contentment: Looking in the mirror and just smiling. It has nothing to do with boasting. It is about relaxing into your own deep inner knowing so to allow it to resurface and shine throughout your daily life.

Among what the inner knowing may share, "You are part of God and God is part of you". How can you not be Self content fathoming your sacredness!

I acknowledge that the misbeliefs you bought into as a child for whatever reason, and you keep holding on to them as part of habit, comfort zone or even false identity, they may render your awareness partially blind. Realize that you will not be naked without your misbeliefs. Realize too that they are seeds of victimhood planted in you, ready to burst out whenever is possible. Time is now to review and uncreate them so to opt for self empowerment. Time to soar in the wholeness of whom you really are.

There is no dead end on the path of awareness: Only graceful beginnings to be savored.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


of and on fallen veils
prayer beads
awaken fingertips


letting go
to fall unto Self
prayer beads

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bedtime Story (Part III)

 Breeze slept and awoke into a life of vitality, better than any dream. Let us look together into his further unfolding. Breeze is celebrating himself, his nature as magic. He is not anymore asking for proof on being magic. Nor is he asking, "am I able or capable to be magic" and "whether can I trust myself being magic". He stopped demanding from himself not to err too. He is allowing himself to explore his nature and life to the extent that day to day colors are gaining vibrancy each passing minute. Breeze, despite being light like an angelic feather, is starting to acquire depth. He travels distances, communicating heart to heart with creatures and souls, caressing in the multitude their sense of serenity and reflectiveness. He is not judging even pain. He is experiencing what is. Feeling others from within, just like when he filters in, into a willow while at the same time being attentive to the river she is standing on. It is in a way, bi-locating. Feeling how the willow maintains graceful silence while also feeling the river reciting aloud his poems of lust to her, rumbling in emotions. Breeze is judging no one. He is experiencing life as a continuous blessing and not a waiting room for the awarded minute of possessiveness and illusive victory. He is reflecting on his own life too. He realized that inflamed ego is about an ego out of balance, whether negating self for others (his first love to Rose) or negating others to feel the importance of self (when he became wind). He is observing himself gaining a healthy ego. His unconditional openness allows him to feel Oneness and its fluidity, even co-creating consciously with Oneness. He has finally fathomed we are all co-creators with Oneness, yet the question is are we doing it consciously or not. The more conscious we are as co-creators, the more often we gift ourselves empowerment. Breeze is noticing how the collective mood is dictating the weather further unfolding. He is coming to realize he is not exclusively magic. All are magic. Yet the difference is, he is now the one aware of being magic, activating his nature ever stronger.
Seasons cycled by him till the day, Breeze encounters a rose of white snow color with tinges of light pink as if the Angel of compassion carved its mark on the etheric body of her petals. He suddenly feels his heartbeats racing up to the same speed his heart once raced so many years ago, around the encounter of his first love. Yet everything is anew now. After a long journey of changing perspectives, he is experiencing the old with amazing grace of freshness: back to the start yet on a different spiral. Quite enticing. 

Whenever Breeze crosses my mind and heart now, I hear his message "Relax even more into your knowing".

Sweet Dreams.

End of Trilogy ~ 

To my reader

I am to finish writing the third part of Bedtime Story, ending the trilogy of Breeze. I will be posting it tonight or tomorrow max.

To refresh your memory, here are the direct links for part I & part II:



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Note to Self

(dedicated to Judy, my outstanding teacher, a psychic and healer of highest caliber)

Judy gave me a psychic reading last month. She said that I have not built me an ego. And that my life mission is to do exactly that. In a way, she made me giggle. My love for myself is so fundamental and unshakable to the extent that building me an ego, as self defense mechanism, is irrelevant to me. I love me. I see others through the eye of love, spoting in them their best potentials. They, however dark they may get, do not threaten the love for myself from myself. That said, I do not know how to interact with humans. I am a new soul on this plane (which Judy confirmed). Dealing with other humans is troublesome. But I am willing to learn to improve my skills. Yet determined to shine my light, love and wisdom ever stronger each step of the way. Embracing my foolishness too, each step of the way. All is well within me, love.

5 lines

wearing puffiness
a leafless tree
wedding poses
gazing into the distance
then back to forefront grass


the full moon
has sweet fragrance
coconut milk

Friday, October 2, 2015

Note to Self

Never hating. My heart, heart of child. Thank you.


within sound of longing
child's silence and heartbeats
the shell confesses

Poetry & Storytelling

basil on opened-face tomato
with extra virgin olive oil splash
the story begins
in autumn
when dying means a rebirth
within his embrace
the way they share without talking
sky of million hues
sculpturing a private lexicon
of gazes that touch inner earth
raining what has not yet been tasted
elongating even stronger
to the other side
of aliveness
wild grace
purity of intensity
to invade
in simplicity
pink Himalayan seasalt

5 lines

passion flowing in us
which wave is you
crashing on me
to intimidate pain
by non judgement

Quote of mine

Love is not the luminous glory of victory ; It is rather the shade of shared compassion.

3 lines

deer at shot range
is he to kill home
whispers of grass

5 lines

awaken at pre dawn
to co-create
light on fingertips
seeping from window frame
mauve tinges of magnolia

5 lines

how to Zen
a poet writes
not thinking of you
breath lingering
on the rose

Poetry & Storytelling

breathing out
from the other side
to swing a poet
in-between wind and breeze
the scent of midnight
in his melancholic gaze
blooming kisses on fingertips
lullaby of silence
ushering the storm of stillness
to unlearn what was
so to be love


lavender fields
the way to
breeze dreams

Thursday, October 1, 2015


the rainbow
a cobweb of dews


still blossoming
with his forget-me-not
her lips


lit candle
gifting the blind
warmth of colors

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 lines

at the peak of longing
a last dewdrop
to open the horizon
why to descend
when wings unfurl

3 lines

solo wanderer
with a backpack of wind
climbing longing to its peak

5 lines

not the kiss
his breath breathing her
in every cell
back to aliveness


on the full moon
jasmine breeze

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


ticklish cloud
wet leaf wetter

5 lines politics sea refugees

away from death and home
a hand rows
towards home by death
the unfathomable
at arm's length


all the lights
shared arriving
at a standstill


counting fingertips
the emptiness
of a pocket

5 lines

finetuning the clear sky
for key songs
within a hazy mind

to activate remembrance
one beating heart center stage

5 lines

firefly on fingertips
dancing to the rhythm
of void
comforting a silent voice
at sunset


You are not less sacred than Jesus. Yet Jesus was the more aware one amongst his people and time. So do not seek sacredness: You are already it. Seek more awareness. In loving light.

5 lines

early autumn
in a foreign land
how many more leaves to shed
naked with a brimming cup
of windchime voices

Monday, September 28, 2015

3 lines

to be living poetry
in his embrace
how trivial written words are

Quote of mine

Soul connection is never lost whether activated or dormant.


gone too early
lover of white owl
paying me visits
inbetween lines of poetry
to remind us of
the white space holding inked lines

5 lines

to root longing
in a flow of further longing
how much we travel standing still
home not house
the missed link of open heart

Sunday, September 27, 2015

5 lines

message in a bottle
amid waves of poetry
to the other side of dawn
quivering a dewdrop
with stillness

5 lines

depth of night
keeping lovers awake
to mend dimensions
Autumn a kind quilt
of poetry

Saturday, September 26, 2015


pausing you pre dawn
sculpturing your breath with mine
retracing your crescent moon of lips
widening the gap till half
with no clouds
planting fragrance of white roses
watering it with inner core transparency
gripping your mind in trance
widening the gap even stronger
into full ripen moon
harvesting everybody's howl through you
igniting your soul
upgrading the software of awareness
into what is
every atom
and molecule
rotating around my presence and absence
a co-created poem
nucleus of whom I am

3 lines

a kite runner matures
by opening his palm to receive
the sky ever blue

5 lines

once upon a fairytale
an erected wall
forces its shadow instead of shade
blooming elsewhere flowers
with a trail of breeze

5 lines

a naked tree
regains its leaf
melting colors of sunset

how at a turning point
replays own a new perspective

Friday, September 25, 2015

Celebrating you in silence

to inbreathe and outbreathe 
a silence never there

the block tantrum
crashing as light as
jasmine tea

in silence
many shared smiles
across oceans of differences

5 lines

to rediscover a face
floating on the Dead Sea of his love

the woman she forgot
remodeling the human she is

Thursday, September 24, 2015

5 lines

moonlit waves
to bring it all
closer and further away

an I steps down
from light and shadow

Quote of mine

Some people do not desire a healing but everyone desires hope.

5 lines

with low light
the small aperture of his absence
not an option
two third of the way
a poem

3 lines

inhabiting a rift
between two hearts silence
a shared echoe

Definitions by Nuances

They asked "Define true love" and he replied "Pure compassion for no reason" then their hiccup came about "Possessive love" and he gazed faraway saying "An infatuation, a withered leaf haunting memory each autumn".

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shared Knowledge

From the meditation retreat I recently participated in, I learned:

Suffering is not due to what is but rather to the experienced resistance toward what is.

5lines poetry

wings of breeze
twirling to fall right
a jasmine
in lightness of detachment
open hearts


lens and wings
in the gap
a how to

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


depth of the night
reciting longing
without a sound

Note on Meditation part III

Open ended questions that activate by being suggestive, to reflect on while meditating:

"Is it possible to relax even more into my soul?"
"Is it possible to relax even more into my body?"
"Is it possible to relax even more into my wholeness?"

Sunday, September 20, 2015


autumn sunshine
everything is Ok
amid stillness

Poetry and storytelling

Savoring her skin
A trail of dews pre dawn
Preluding the rising sun
What if everything paused at dawn
No scorching sun
No darkness
Just a gentle promise of light unfolding
Through the early beams of dawn
Dancing in darkness that is not really dark
A reflective lightness of being
Embracing all
In a paused moment
Is it scorching attachment
Or longing to the void as homeland
That makes her opt for the pause
Mid breath
Drifting to parallel realities
If it happens that
You bump into her
Or she into you
Amid astral travels
Say hello, smile then run away
Far away
But if you are the one
Whole being
Green leaf
With veins of compassion
Welcome her into you
And celebrate the fragrance of vulnerability
For your togetherness has no match in beauty

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meditation workshop with Peter Russell at Monroe Institute

I am currently participating in a meditation workshop with Peter Russell at Monroe Institute. His distinctive style of meditating is all about effortlessness. From effortless meditation emanates effortless being and effortless living. Highly recommended.

Note on Meditation part II

Inquiry within meditation does not emanate from the thinking mind but rather from the being, the experience itself during meditation, devoid of judgement. Thus, the inquiry reveals itself and is not pursued.

Note on Meditation part I

Stillness of meditation is not about stagnation. Stillness is a natural flow of change experienced with total openness and clarity.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quote of mine

Between Possible & Impossible, a relative stretch of I Am-ness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quote of mine

You don't have to fake a smile. It is Ok to be authentic and tap into your pain so to process it and let it go. Opt for letting it go instead of suppression.

3 lines

amidst winds in the sky
an old soul observes
the ribbon, not a flag

haiku and hope

a fairy tooth pillow
to await
refugee children

5 lines

of the lost
a white cobweb
on black

into empty distance

5 lines

even an abandoned home
has its spirit
the tormented

loud echoe of lost laughter
rain in silence


playing hide and seek
children's right amidst cold waves

5 lines

burning within
for light
pre dawn and its incense

void underlining wholeness
in the fullness of a breath


Indian Summer
a kind reminder of inner fire
to endure transmuting

Monday, September 14, 2015

Note for healers

As healers, we have no competition but ourselves, in how we access our inner potentiality and make it active. There is no competition for healers. There is only shared love.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


withered leaf
spiraling inward

gust of longing

Quote of mine

Invest in human beings without expectations. Let go of limiting goals and imprisoning things. Embrace the free fall that aliveness gifts.

personal confession

I am not the poet nor I intend to be. I am just a muse, living poetry.

5 lines

sober pre dawn
how to convince a poet
out of assassination plans of his muse
unfurling in stillness
to catch the morning dew

3 lines reflection

moonlit shadows
how to rouse love
within void


arousing moonlight
to skinny dip
in the privacy of love

Saturday, September 12, 2015


to infiltrate walls

3 lines reflection

desert rose
against all odds
blossoming within

Friday, September 11, 2015

Message from Higher Self via Inner Sanctuary meditation

"We do not want you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want you to see light everywhere. There is no tunnel, no walls, no end. There is Pure Source energy within and throughout. See that and branch your heart on it. Allow and explore even more Light so to spiral higher in co-creation of much more Light. We love you."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 lines poetry

even silence
has plenty

a different one
for each mood


how to undress 
for sanity
out of longing and its lace

out of you
far from you
me without you

melted by longing
that stirs
oil and water

3 lines reflection

new rain
on dry leaf

I question the notion of funeral makeup artist

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


A & B sat in the garden to meditate.
After 5 min, B said to A: "Stop it! Stop your fire breathing. You are distracting me."
To which B replied: "You are missing the point of what meditation means."

3 lines poetry

lovers' goodbye
how to reclaim heartbeats from heartbeats

Bedtime Story (Part II )

So connected to his authentic self, venturing the portal of Self, Breeze communicated with the Beloved. Over a jasmine green tea shared in the garden of Heart, the dialogue was initiated.
Breeze yearned to understand what was, so he asked: "What is the purpose of magical powers if I am going to err?"
The Beloved answered: "Ultimately to err means to learn. And you are learning."
Breeze interjected: "I still feel I am missing something."
To which the Beloved replied: "The fundamental blessing of magical powers is in not using them as an outside helper when needed nor in being distracted by them. Having them is just a reminder to be whom you are: Magic. And Magic you are all of the time."
Feeling perplexed Breeze requested: "Can you kindly elaborate on what you just shared ..."
In stillness, the Beloved took some sips and few deep breaths till Breeze was calm enough to absorb what was about to be gifted: "In choosing Rose or Wind and excluding others, you got distracted. Your essence is Magic that communicates unconditionally with All as All are Sweet Divine Oneness. Why to limit yourself when expansiveness is your nature and mine!"
Breeze received well all bits of the dialogue but needed time to integrate the shared. He bowed to the Beloved and went to sleep spiraling into dreams of vitality. But that is another bedtime story.
Sweet Dreams.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bedtime Story (Part I)

Once upon a breeze who fell in love with a rose on the edge of time, Rose kept blossoming under his loving gaze. The stronger the sweetness of her fragrance grew, the wider his infatuation became. Yet, nobody knew that Breeze's soul had magical powers. Yes, he used them, trading his identity to become one petal of his beloved. It was quite a season of love, gifting itself seemingly from within self. Alas, mid Summer came and Rose withered away. He was so enraged to wither away, feeding even more on his rage till he stumbled on wind who mirrored the depth of his anger growing ever stronger. Once again, he used his magical powers and became whom he identified with: Wind among winds. After a span of spilled breaths, his anger lessened and he froze in sadness. He reflected on his experiences and asked himself under the moonlight: "What should die within me so to thrive?". As if beside the Boddhi tree, he froze and kept on reflecting. Reflecting by itself, melted sadness away and he gained clarity. He finally knew what has to die within him: All needs to be other than his genuine self. He, whole heartedly, embraced and celebrated being a breeze, just his authentic self. He did that to the extent of becoming Self aka Beloved. Beloved conversed with the Beloved but that is another bedtime story. Sweet Dreams.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Quote of mine

The need to prove being right is destructive to its holder.


entangled breeze
by hair locks
knots of fire

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Personal update

I am currently in U.S continuing my studies of metaphysics. I am in awe of what I am learning: Light Energization. As soon as I find free time, I will write in depth on the subject. Love & Light to you, my incognito readers.


loud sounds of insomnia
prolonging summer

Thursday, September 3, 2015


rose petal
the wholeness of heart

Thursday, August 27, 2015


summer heat
the friction
between her thighs and his gaze

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 lines

to revive
lost dreams
in an autumn leaf

colors of letting go
so to transmute

Monday, August 24, 2015


في  عُمق  الريح
حنينُ  التخلي  عن  الحنين

Within the depth of wind
longing to let go of longing

Arabic Poetry

يرى  البحر في عينيها
أطيافاً  من  الملائكة

Arabic Poetry: Sufism

حينما يهمسُ  النور باسمي
أتسأل من أنا
إلا منكَ  فيك ولك

5 lines

the fullest breath
in one bubble

essence of eternity
unconditional presence within a fleeting moment

5 lines

all the shadows  crossed
on the path 
to self enlightenment

from fear to bliss
owning the manifested

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quote of mine

Dimming my light out of consideration to your ego-self, is a disservice to all, your authentic-self included.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Haidakhan Baba: Ki Jai Bhole Baba

Nonsense poetry of mine

wild horses, more wild
running through veins
prairies of love

to tame or not to tame
the missed scene of mutual respect

Yhandi therapists versus Classic therapists (Jung & co followers)

Classic therapists drowning in their rigid chairs along logic and all the mental jargon they are attached to, tackle "patients" while limited by current life. On the other hand, Yhandi therapists, who are psychic mediums (as prerequisite), deal with their "stars" from the openness of heart and the expansiveness of soul profile, communicating with subconscious that is a mirror of higher consciousness.

Classic therapists (and who likes to play pretend he is one of them) re-enact the stiff role of God, who keeps files. While Yhandi therapists see all (themselves and stars) as fabric of Oneness conversing with Itself for the best benefit of all that is: Yes, conversing as equal and not observing from a pedestal.

Great time we are living in to evolve: Let us evolve!

Just a remark to be aware of.
With all due respect to Jung, a pioneer, then.

P. S: 
Since Jung was the first, as a psychology scholar, to admit about a collective psychic functioning within the psyche, it would be great for his followers, not to be just followers but rather Jung-like forging a new path, off the beaten track, by conversing with collective consciousness: Direct conversation.


sweet blur
of longing
teal over white
etched with tenderness
fathomless breeze
coming from
going to
nowhere, now & here


in stillness of lake
dipping  toes
ticklish sky

Poetic mood

across body
a trail of ache
for thirst
to nibble on
more thirst


in the depth of eternity
a fleeting moment
of our first encounter

Poetic mood

108 seeds

Arabic poetry


sail with me
to the depth of words

searching for your light

on the edge, between time and space
our laughter to mingle with tears

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


rhythmic cuddle
to hum the pain away

breeze at dawn


brimming with love
the full moon

over wild wave of pain
in an embrace
free soul gazing

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Metaphysics note

My life experiences connecting thread is about abandonment. It means I am stuck in that vibration attracting even more abandonment. The real message here is that I have abandoned myself, my joy and my power.

Through awareness I reclaim now what I have lost. I reclaim aliveness thus dictate a different scenario of living to the Universe.

Awareness is the ultimate frequency changer.
Thank you Universe of mine.

Poetic mood

floored in an autumn leaf
forsaken places
erupting to let go

Poetic mood

sunrays on open palm
the simplicity of going deep
tingling interconnection

3 lines poetry

jasmine breeze, predawn
to infuse light
in body till supernova

Monday, August 17, 2015

The psychic dilemma

You can disregard or buy into a psychic consultation but you cannot argue with the psychic while giving the consultation (or worst yet try to sell her/him your point of view). What s/he sees is not what you see. Be humble enough to allow yourself to listen to a different view till the end, without the mental jargon of yours. Kindly, remind yourself that you have asked for her/his consultation thus initiating the first contact. Yet, be sure you are free to do whatever afterward, baring the consequence of your choice whatever that may be.

As a psychic, I am confronted with such critical situations: A wide array of challenging clients, from energy vampires, passing by twisted characters such as ego maniac,  arriving to very kind persons who are stuck in pride and image trap, perceiving what is gifted by the psychic consultation as personal insult.  How can I, who is an advocate of Oneness, communicating with it, experiencing its deliciousness in every breath, attack my client! My golden rule as psychic is to empower my client by lifting the veil, in service of all that is.

Sometimes, I miss the phase of my life when I communicated my psychic abilities to a non language using subject such as nature. People are tiresome.
"Dio mio aiutami!" as they say in Italian.

Quote of mine

Poetry is a portable inner sky of the lightest blue and bluest light ... keep it close by.

3 lines poetry

how the trees bleed in Baltic amber
she writes ~
the gifted healing by intimate absorption


the fluidity
of neck
to draw
to a tenth
of body
his plot

5 lines poetry

in the moment
where our lips touched

how to make a moment
stop replaying its haunting light?

Arabic Haiku

في عُمقِ  الليْل
الفُ  شَمْسٍ  في  جَسدين  تعانقا
حدّ  الالوهية

Its translation:

deep in the night
one thousand sun from two bodies intertwined
to the edge of divinity


fingertips trailing soul along body
convulsed by touches of Light
flames of thirst calling forth more thirst
crumbling to rise from ashes

Sunday, August 16, 2015


falling leaf soaring with gusts of wind
to sink more gently into fetus position
engulfed in surrender past volcanic eruptions
the tender kisses on refracted light
eroded back to stillness


koi, butterfly
a single progression from the start

raw smell of an explorer

Metaphysics note

Whether you do it consciously or subconsciously, you have a choice. For better expansion, choose consciously. In all cases, know being indecisive is your worst case scenario. While a wrong choice will slap you to wake up, indecisiveness will prolong your lost time for no benefit.


sufic drop of dew
to unleash roses from her skin
night moon

In retrospect

Encouraged by dear professor Visentin, this blog was started 7 years ago, late October 2008, when I just started my master degree in Economics in Switzerland: A decision I made to turn a page and invest in myself: its title "Higher Education". Late October of 2015, I will be graduating PhD in Metaphysics from USA, putting a closure to a 7 year cycle. It was a journey between two continents from the scarcity pillar of Economics to the abundance pillar of Metaphysics. A self healing cycle. "Higher Education" meant deeper knowing.

Repeating Paul Selig precious words: "I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve."

I wonder what my next cycle title might be. Filled with childlike curiosity, I am about to step into the second cycle while repeating the same call of my ever posted photo on this blog "Sail with me!".

My Heartfelt Thank You.

Metaphysics Inner Oath of mine

anchored in stillness
to float as One
with Mother Earth
diving in Cosmic Intelligence
infinite nurturing flow of harmony
between macro and microcosm
aware of fractal geometry of all that is
focused on integrity, authenticity and compassion
embracing my individualized flavor of Oneness
in continuous communication with Pure Source
unveiling law of vibration and its mysteries
dot circle spiral vortex portal sphere dot

the violate flame running through my vein
I whirl on stillness
Love, I am

Expression to reflect on

Reflecting on the expression "Inner Tuning of Genius"

Quote of mine

For who chooses being over going, all 4 directions winds are a blessing, even non wind.

5 lines poetry

we rise
sunrays washing Self
in dews

to be dried
with stronger fragrance

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Poetic mood

heart, open up
again and again
extend yourself
to seduce your Spirit back
full presence and its ripple effects ~

(photo from internet, saluting its photographer)


rising to autumn rain
as if late afternoon
outside window
throughout soul
is there a blockage
between 'I am that' and 'I am' ?
I exhale ... wind

(photo from internet, saluting its photographer)

Poetic prelude

clouds racing waves
on cheekbone
autumn rain

autumn rain
on high cheekbone
clouds racing higher waves

from outer to inner
a fetus position
under umbrella

Poetic mood

in her lingering perfume
his heartbeats


early autumn, late night walk
her rectangular scarf
caressing the stars
from seashore
muting winds


to unmute love 
from another dimension
sunlight shimmers on sea

Friday, August 14, 2015


at her collarbone
he hid face of pain
and its bewilderment
seeking her with fiery urgency
to rebirth him
out of time
out of wound
and its internal bleeding
out of closed drawers
that never seize a sister's smile
out of a photo frame
where he is captured
alone and lonely
without his light

little did he know
he is fighting his shadow with another shadow
"you are light so stop resisting" an echo beamed
from her real smile in a faraway realm
refracting on a window of mine

Poetic mood

all houses
under one blanket of fog
even the lonely one and its cliff

won't you leave the past behind?
he asked himself

Poetic mood

through a mist of tears
her lover sways
like sea breeze
again and again

free verse



                                                                     on poetic fingertips
                                                                                                                           fully open ; fully open                                                                        
  was he too,
the kiss
                                                                   still emanation
so fragrant

... who makes an effort to remember the breeze?

3 lines poetry

shimmering under the moonlight
untold tales of her


Calla Lily
on inner Divine light
lovers whirling

Quote of mine

                      The grace of love is in its humility.


late autumn and last sip
of 5 o'clock tea
forget-me-not still blooming


Tulip field
the steering breath
amid his poetry

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Free Verse

teardrop and thirst
melting in surrender
amid sacred fire of blues
trance like rhythm
the emancipated soul and 12-bar blues
was it harmony gained?
then, 12-bar original
free as a bird
from let it be
to flying
the simplest wording
different time still
climbing the musical ladder
celestial tone
sight of light
violet hue
golden presence
so it is!

5 lines Poetry

voiced by the reed flute
mightier than cedars

how much strength in openness!
the sacred breath that links

Personal experience

I meet recently a spiritual teacher, quite unique in his psychic abilities and how mature yet simple he is using them and subsequently delivering his message. He asked me out of nowhere why am I suppressing my craziness (my wild creativity and unique non conforming). As a storyteller, he spoke of a cat who suffered from head injury then woke up questioning what is she going to utter: Meow or Woof-Woof. Those couple of minutes, happening at the perfect time of my unfolding created a domino effect. Yet, originally I am neither Meow nor Woof-Woof utterer. I am my own unique Voice.

So may I say to myself: Welcome back to the wildest of the wild Maya!

Meanwhile, repeating a cherished affirmation of mine: I allow myself full freedom to explore with consciousness; my theater stage is limitless, connected always to Pure Source.

Quote of mine

Individualized Oneness: How much alike & different we are!

Quote of mine

We seemingly speak to each other to catch the clarity of ourselves voicing inner sight.

Free Verse

fallen leaf and its last wish
few moments as a butterfly
intense aliveness whirl
on background of blues

5 lines Poetry

light and fire merging
to birth her
blue spirit hard core

lightness of being dance trance
outside the margin

Arabic Poetry

ما بين الملائكة والجنّ
وادي خَصْب يُراقِص فيه النّورُ النار
هي منه


his soul frequency per kiss
unveils him
master of light

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5 lines Poetry

invisible calligraphy
on her skin
head of brush from his breathing

time and rhythm
shifting spaces toward inner art

3 lines Poetry

playing her strings
like a mantra
he learned to fly

3 lines Poetry

like a silk scarf
amid windy whirls
bodily music, note by note


eyes closed
scattering seeds of poetry
across his lips

Personal update

Dear reader of mine, I will be traveling abroad in few days this month of August, returning back to Lebanon, my home country, in November. I will be away of internet access at certain intervals as I am to attend several workshops to graduate PhD of Metaphysics along an additional workshop of meditation. 

I will keep sharing my journey as much as possible. Meanwhile, be joyful and stoke your inner light ablaze with excitement. You matter as there is nothing but Sweet Divine Oneness. 
Jai to aliveness!


erupting a volcano
with jasmine breeze
and its longing


espresso, double shot
poet's creativity
bracketed by intense and simple

5 lines Poetry

cafe latte
how foolish to numb intensity
squared with stirred camouflage

to seek disappointment for emotional safety
the fake one foams

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 lines Poetry

Orange blossom water
Never lost amid all the dilution
how pure longing is!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Quote of mine

The most precious knowledge is the revealed one, so stop seeking.


expanding into blues
loud silence

Poetic shot

racing to see
another sea
of white chiffon

ocean rocks cupping
allure and its ~


bitter coffee, Arabic
sweet memories leaking
from cardamon


coffee break
aroma bridging
is to was

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Out of my love of poetry, I recommend to you, my reader, a poetry blog of Pierre Mhanna, a fellow countryman and passionate wanderer. Check out the following beautiful poem of free verse of his: https://fountainofgrace.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/free-verse-300-to-the-heart-of-the-unknown/

Story in 2 phrases

He started by I then moved to You, hovered between the two till he stumbled on Love. Yet he did not gain Love until he lost I and You.

Quote of mine

Love is a limitless journey


embraced by water
the sandy I love you
expands naturally


closer to her shadow
faraway from it
toes combing million stars
out of transparency

the expanded gaze falls back to toes ...
faraway from it
closer to her, stars

Saturday, August 8, 2015


finally tilted
to be re-birthed

back to lips and
heart's fragrance
palm calming winds of longing
entangled in hair

skin to skin
no possessiveness
amid wholeness

Quote of Mine

Full presence in the now moment is what fuels the vibrancy of aliveness.

Metaphysics Note: 'A' versus 'The'

As an activator of energy, I declare the real star is the one who is receiving the energetic activation. For sure, it is not me. For sure, the activating energy is not mine. I am just a channeler of cosmic energy that activates Divinity within. As for me, no credit, just joy for being in service. Keep in mind, the star is a co-creator in its willingness and openess to receive and absorb.

Poetry Dialogue

beginning to well
within the comet
thirst to comprehend
its own nucleus of Divine wind
and tail of stardust
approaching a Sun


rose water
fragrance of a caress
between breeze & dews

Friday, August 7, 2015


early morning
standing by the lighthouse
contemplating the sea
and verb to see
my consciousness hovers above waves
where they seemingly begin, journey and crash
salty breeze
takes me back to the healing effect of water
water tumbling on itself
rushing and slowing
I submerge my imagination in its essence
how freely do I float
then rise up mid sky
droplets of transparency running through my vein
and I melt back to see
I merge with the intelligence of water
celebrated within me

after sunset
standing still by the lighthouse
as if my spine merging with its exterior wall
in the eye of storm
motionless when everything else is spinning
stars peeking down into me
holding me in their breath
spinning me back into eternity of stillness
from where a revelation emerges
what is the essence of sea, see and motion
the wholeness of love in each moment of Oneness
felt, savored and celebrated

(Personal Note)

I love me and I love my life. Through metaphysics, I learned how to handle my life long intuition along my fertile imagination. They often crisscross each other in some parallel dimension that I travel to with ease and grace. Yet the solidity of my wholeness in the now moment comes from the harmony between my upper and lower chakras, rhyming along with the Universe. I have quite an open crown chakra yet my roots within the core of mother Earth is what grounds me. It does not matter anymore what my poems express or to whom they express whatever or about which subject they tackle in specific. What counts is my joy through playing while in love with all that is. I am completely in love, not with an X partner, nor with a Y profession, nor with a Z perspective : I am in love with all that is. I allow to the poetic child in me to draw circles within the sky, just because I am now in allowance, experiencing "to simply be" no strings attached, with zero seriousness.

Please if you feel offended, threatened or worse yet, feel an obligation to save me: Let it go. Relax. That is it. Whatever I write that makes you inspired, marinate in its vibes. Whatever stresses and/or irritates you, turn the page.

I so love you, Universe of mine.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bedtime Story

as if stars washing up on shore
he comes back to me
I sneak into him by
his fingertips and their softness
sailing days and their tiredness of solitude
heart and its openness
the magnanimity of him being vulnerable
right there I find myself gasping
how can a coat cover his expansiveness this coming winter?
only to find his spirit slightly behind his body, unable to fit in
inspiring him through me
I cuddle in
and to my amazement
hear him uttering my words
a Self prophecy
are we mirrors or One
in the heart of the unknown?

Trail of Leaves

Autumn and trail of leaves
gust of wind swooshing
colored strip of one butterfly in slow motion
another gust of wind lashing
back to wholeness among tears
all alone with the scent of Earth
how long have I been absent

Poetry of intimacy

to witness the tornado's birth
his summery breeze
climbing silk
to much slower descent
into the butterfly's vortex
erosion of limits, walls and inhibitions
fly, fly, fly away
into us
as musical notes
in the heart of Pure Source
feel that and be.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Metaphysics Note

Among healers in general, yet specially those using Pranic Healing modality, a common vocab where 'contamination' takes center stage. I would like to clarify my personal opinion on contamination that you, my reader, should not adopt blindly but rather contemplate. Contamination, just like pain, is a messenger to unveil important non organic unfolding. A key point here is the contaminated person's ability to decipher the message. Simply said, a contamination from patient X outlines in red a common misbelief that healer Y shares with his patient X. And as such, contamination is a blessing in disguise, calling for healer Y's attention to his own misbelief that is mirrored in patient X so that he gives it top priority thus releasing it from his own system through awareness.

This note, is a call for healers to let go of their fear from and obsession of contamination. May they give back to Intelligent Cosmic Energy its leading role and stop falling back into duality by demonizing contamination. Era of duality is gone. Awaken be.

5 lines poetry

pre-dawn butterfly
the black square
on her white wing

dreaming of lavender fields
breeze and its healing hum

Story in 2 phrases

"Kiss me on the full moon" he raised her then died. It never reached its fullest since.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lover of mine, Cosmic wind

Cosmic wind, my lover
contracting me back into black
hole of mine: Holy and mighty

Cosmic wind, my lover
I ride you to push
me within and throughout

Cosmic wind, my lover
to birth me open
heart that shapes destinies

Cosmic wind, my lover
me light upon light: The stillness spin

Monday, August 3, 2015

How to be God within

How to be God within, the 12 start-up steps:

+ Be conscious so to be nurtured
+ Allow
+ Love
+ Be Light through your compassion
+ Feel the Oneness of All that is
+ Communicate with Oneness as part of that Oneness
+ Express through creativity
+ Never judge, instead focus on your authenticity
+ Live as God by creating the life you choose consciously
+ Respect the freedom of each part of All that is
+ Expand by gifting yourself the freedom to explore with consciousness
+ Cherish your unique soul frequency that gifts the Universe your individualized flavor of Oneness

Finally,  repeat as often as possible the open ended question-affirmation that activates without limiting: "How to anchor more of Pure Source Energy within each cell, atom and sub-atom within me while thriving in my physicality?"

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Metaphysics Note by the Voice & Maya

"All healing modalities are the same in respect to being just a permission slip for you as healer to exercise your powers. It does not really matter what color the permission slip is. What matters is your readiness to channel your optimal potentials as healer. Readiness has nothing to do with appetite but rather with three keywords: relaxed, aware, focused. Meaning how much relaxed, aware and focused you are so to be able to channel your optimal potentials as healer given whatever permission slip. At one point of time in your journey as healer, you will master the three keywords feeling 'relaxed, aware, focused' and by doing so you will leap beyond the need of any permission slip."

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Metaphysics Note

Love is not limited to one person nor to a limited number of persons (such as parents and siblings) nor to human beings. Love is an energy of free flow that can be found everywhere and anywhere. Discard the misbelief that it is limited or worse yet, gone with the dead beloved, so to open up to the huge potentiality of you receiving love from anybody, anything and any place. The real issue is not in finding love but in being open to receive love in any form delivered by the Universe to your doorsteps.

Quote of mine

You gifting forgiveness does not mean an OK on what has been done to you. Rather, it is a starting point on a path leading to where you like to be. Eventually, forgiveness is a self liberating tool.

Quote of mine

Love of Life has a prerequisite Love of Yourself, the Creator of that Life.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quote of mine

The spirit's ultimate joy is to experience itself through physicality.
Get back fully in your body now then relax into aliveness and its sweet taste.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

I contemplate the succession of me
even within the silence that follows

Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

Distances that punctuate
how you bring me the horizon!

Spring cry
from mountain's edge to womb
birthed and rebirthing

Scattered pine trees till fire
the enchanted breath within

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arabic Poetry

يُحَرِّكُ   بِضَوء  القَمَر  نصَّ  أحاديثنا

غير  المُباحة  الا  في  زُرْقَةِ  عينيه

ويتَّخِذُ  الوَقتَ  أُرجوحةً

 تُهَدْهِدُهُ  ما  بين  المَلائِكة  والشياطين

الى حين  صَحْوَته  الكُبرى

على  يَدِ  عرّافة

في حُلْم ٍ  كاسِر

تُنبأه   بطفل ٍ   لم   يُفارقه

هو  هو

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quote of mine

Your Openness while being fully Grounded is your Optimal Protection.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Metaphysics Note

Dear reader, you might be surprised by what I am to reveal: There is no Karma. Do not accept suffering as a due payment of Karma. Do not buy into suffering in the name of Karma. Remember Haruki Murakami quote: "Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional". Indeed, Suffering is a Choice.

To understand the whole Universe, let go of Karma and "think of vibrations" as Nikolas Tesla advised. Negative vibrations entrap you (by the law of resonance) till you raise your awareness and choose consciously to vibrate differently. A given negative vibration is the outcome of a misbelief, an unhealthy thought you bought into (or even your soul -a bought in misbelief running havoc for multi past lives-), taking you away from harmony and balance, resulting in your disempowerment.

To raise your awareness, 'peel the onion' meaning be inquisitive, start with identifying the recurring sick patterns running your life and ruining your joy, then identify the misbelief that founded a given pattern and subsequently find out which seed planted the misbelief (the misbelief's origin). Realize and acknowledge how this/these misbelief(s) lower(s) your vibration, entrapping you. Dissect what is so to transcend it.

A little of Awareness does wonder; Imagine what a strong dose of Awareness, can achieve!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Quote of mine

Resistance as a vibration reinforces the frequency of limitations. Choose differently by embracing 'to allow'. Walk through to go beyond.

Quote of mine

Dimming your light out of being "considerate" to others is the worst disservice you do to yourself and others. Inspire others by shining your light to the fullest. Let them catch your high vibrations: Blessed contagiousness.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quote of mine

As often as you can, tell your cells: Thank you, I love you & I command you to relax now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Metaphysics Note

The rainbow as a symbol confesses the importance of harmony in between all chakras (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Harmony that stems from balance in between chakras is what allows the natural flow of Divine Light within.

Crystals that reflect rainbows are activators of harmony within. Yet they are just an activator. It all depends on how the subject receives, interacts and co-creates with the given activating energy.

I wish you, the reader of my blog, a tribe of rainbows and stronger awareness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote of mine

Instead of survival, seek self refinement that leads inevitably to thriving.

Sunset Photography

Monday, July 20, 2015

Metaphysics Note

I often repeat "How to anchor more of my spirit into my physical body?" as an open ended affirmation that activates without limiting the process. 
These days I am contemplating the relationship of "my spirit" with "Holy Spirit" ... In the Bible, it is preached to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that Jesus walks again through you. Since all Spirits are holy by definition (mind you to distinguish between Spirit and Soul ),  I now transmute the Bible preaching into:

Anchoring more of your Spirit into physical body, is to allow you to activate your Christ Consciousness, revealing the Creator within. 

This constitutes my current understanding of  Christian Trinity, that merges with my knowing of Oneness and its fractal geometry.

Cedars Arz, Lebanon


Gibran Khalil Gibran

Friday, July 17, 2015

Quote of mine

Savoring your Presence as spirit, soul and body in the now moment for no reason, is a magical experience beyond any dream of yours. Opt for Presence first and never wait for an alibi to feel alive.

Quote of Mine

Nothing is more important than compassion, except self compassion.

Metaphysics Note

As a healer, I observe and identify patterns as well as phenomenas. Certain persons who are in the early to mid phase of awakening, tend to force themselves to heal. It is totally counteractive: Forcing is never a way that leads to healing. Healing is the most natural process that exits. As a creation of Pure Source, human beings natural vibes are high. What lowers them is the quantity of adopted misbeliefs that spins a person out of his natural state. By raising awareness and uncovering why, how and when a given misbelief was adopted, realizing what its name suggests - a wrong belief bought into as an unconscious reaction -, healing gets activated.

Forcing is not to be confused with empowerment. Self empowerment is re-gained by letting go of misbeliefs, ending their subsequent sick patterns. Meanwhile, forcing stems out of fear and an urge to resist so to feel in control.

After all, Life does not aim to inflict suffering on human beings. Rather, Life offers human beings a golden opportunity to expand through experiences and learned lessons.

I seize the opportunity to remind you, my reader, of a Quote of Mine: To Simply Be is an Act of Allowance.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quote of mine

Do not confuse Simplicity with Loneliness. Simplicity means being in Allowance, just like Mother Nature. Loneliness stems from over-discipline, resistance, a constant need to limit whatever for the benefit of controlling it. Opt for Simplicity. Let go of Loneliness that brings forth a hollowness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Quote of mine

Beware of the difference between Pride and Integrity. Pride is an item on the Ego's list. Meanwhile Integrity reflects how authentic your behavior is as an expression of your soul. Opt for Integrity instead of Pride. Being conscious of nuances reflects how much aware you have become.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Dandelion metaphysics ~
how to tease a Willow
per breath

Quote of mine

Fine-tuning your question activates the most appropriate process that reveals.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quote of mine

Home is not a physical place, rather a frequency you vibrate at. Home is the frequency of love that relaxes you into being yourself.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Center Stage Venus


to swallow ...
an eternity
within Sunset

3 lines poetry

amid stillness
I trace my steps back to Venus


outshining Venus
the solitary fisherman's lantern
hushed Jupiter

how poetic 2 dots can be!
filling the void


floating mid breath
upside down
the exclamation mark of sunset

Friday, July 10, 2015

Quote of Mine

Opting to veil what is, out of fear, is an entrapment: How can you go beyond what is if you refuse to see it?

Quote of mine

To simply be is an act of allowance.

Quote of mine

Comparing yourself to others, limit you to expectations whether fulfilled or not. Get out of expectations' trap by letting go of comparison. Celebrate your uniqueness without a prerequisite to fully grasp it, so to embrace aliveness in all circumstances.


White butterfly
on grass
the cloud flapping wings

Thursday, July 9, 2015


the pine trees
around my father's tomb
how much they have grown

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


mild wind
peeping through the reed curtains
into the expansiveness of her embrace

mild wind
to comb wild fantasies hidden
among black hair

mild wind
gathering few glances of naked soul
in surrender to what is

mild wind
learning to ride silk and its pattern
towards the heart

mild wind

(Painter: Uemura Shoen
Painting title: Yang gui fei
Completion date: 1922)

Quote of mine

Your fear is a consent, an open door invitation to what you fear.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Storytelling of Love

He folded his nakedness
a rose in her embrace
She was omnipresent
a mystic incense
made to be lit by organic surrender
Together as the Universe
whirling within and throughout
spilled, disintegrating to rise from the ashes
as Love re-experiencing Its Bliss

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Peekaboo bumblebee

Peekaboo bumblebee
in lavender field
how did the years fly away

snapping rare childhood life
I fall in the gap
between breaths

I can fly


To Blossom

Tulip me

Thursday, July 2, 2015


star gazing
his fingertip dipped in
wild berries

I walk my breath
to the edge

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Arabic Poetry (Sufism)

عاشقة لكَ، ذائبة فيكَ
وجدتُني في عين اليقين
أسامِرُ حضوري حدّ الياء 
غَمَرَني الحقّ و نورُه 
إرتحلتُ من النافذة المُشرّعة الى قلب الشمس
وفاضَ العِشقُ مِن ذاته

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quote of mine

Compassion, whether towards self or others, is the secret behind every miraculous unfolding.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metaphysics Note on Equilibrium

To have equilibrium in between one's male and female energies, does not mean having 50% male energy and 50% female energy most of the time. It rather means having the liberty and luxury to access any energy rate most adequate for a given situation. Meaning being able to be 100% male at an X situation or 100% female energy at Y situation or 70% female at Z situation ...
Freedom to consciously choose the most adequate is "Equilibrium".


a balcony swing
and jasmine breeze
is it me or you
caress of memories
moon-peeking in between clouds
a song from faraway
seeping through
so sweetly fathomless
chiseling out eternity for hinge
the climber mist


sunset gazing
of goodbye

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Expanding into sea
as I walk on seashore

Monday, June 15, 2015

Arabic Poetry

هذا الليل نافذة مُشرّعة على ترحالي فيك ما بين الاحرف ومداكَ الهارب اليّ "زاوجتَ "قليلٌ من الخمر" مع "هذا المساء"
وما المساءُ بلا ليلٍ جفاه المنطق وما الخمرُ بلا رقصة الرؤى وملاكٍ يصدح إقرأ في العاشق إقرأني كتنهيدة عِطر يَرجُّ آفاقها دعوةٌ لصلاة الفجر

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Edible Exhale

Blossoming in colors of inner ecstasy
Soaring and diving
Withholding the breath in a roar of sensuality
Tighter muscles than a heavy weight lifter
Yet liquid like a morning dew shivering
A rose petal about to tumble wide open
And the breeze pregnant with thousand light touches
Self grounding in a sky of mysticism
Commanding white shade to fly over virgin lands
Dissolving into blue then green
Marks of clenched fist on linen
As if a written love mantra
Edible exhale

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sharing a precious activating affirmation of Matt Kahn

“As the master of my destiny, and the creator of my reality, I hereby move my consciousness into a parallel timeline where all soul contracts have already been resolved, all energetic cords have already been cut, all karmic ties have been undone, all ancestral lineages and bloodlines and genetic predispositions have been transmuted, all cellular memories released, all self defeating habits, patterns of sabotage, victimhood, unconsciousness has been released out of this energy field along with all lower vibrational influences, beliefs, identifications and attachments returned to the source of its origin, transmuted completely, returned to the purity, wholeness and perfection of eternal light as I reside here as a fully conscious, aligned and embodied living expression of ascension within my soul’s highest reality within the fifth dimensional Earth plane, acknowledging and celebrating the ascension of Earth that is already occurred to completion, the shift of the ages that is already shifted, the Aquarian Age, of Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age have unity consciousness that is fully actualized in the present moment time anchored as my new zero point of field where I freely receive all the infinite flowing abundance, prosperity and wealth that has already been given, the absolute success of my highest destiny that is already here, the greatest fulfillment, the most miraculous health, synchronicity, immaculate perfection that is present in every breath as I interact with the highest aspects of all I meet and encounter, celebrating the fulfillment of the work I have already done in previous lifetimes, with anything that is below this highest vibration no longer present in this energy field or any energy field throughout, as my highest potential is accepted to be who I am now and forever, within and throughout, the infinite forms of all, with a loving heart, living within a cascading waterfall of inspiration, embodying the highest frequency of joy, bringing forth the highest expressions of truth, knowing and declaring that only the loving wise Universe chooses every word, makes every choice, orchestrates every opportunity with only the highest possibility ever coming forth and in knowing it is so, now and forever, once and for all, I command it as I am now and so it is.” ~ Matt Kahn

Friday, June 5, 2015

"I so love you"

And we soar
2 filaments weaving light
foolish as ever in the completeness of surrender
breaths are hardly able to follow the pace
of sensuality, of bliss, of merging
within each other weaving even more light
into light
manifesting virgin dimensions
fractal geometry reaches a level, even richer, of significance
pantheons of Gods and Goddesses align in us

Then ...

Like a burnt incense or a sweetly hummed mantra barely audible
seeping through from a parallel reality
we finally fade away to re-emerge
certainty and clarity of "I so love you"
connected always

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arabic Poetry

غزلت  من  الصمت  وِشاحا 
كجناحي  ملاك
ومضت  من  فعل ٍ الى آخر
لاثمة ً  الارضَ  خيراً  برِفق  نظراتها
اضاءت  دروبا ً كثيرة  ما عدا دربها
اسقطت  استفهامي   عنها
"c'est trop tard " بدُعاء
قالته   مرارا ً بعدد  حبّات  المسبحة
كم  كرهتُ  تلك  العبارة  واحببتها
رشح  البخور من  اصابع  يديها
وباركت  الجديلة  لطفلة  كُنتها
صباحُ  الخير  جدتي  منيرة
من  سمائي  الى  سمائك  الفُ   شعاع  نور


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Arabic Poetry

وجهُكَ المُتلألئ 
على ما تَموَّجَ  من الرغبات
دعوَة ٌ شَقيّة  للتِرحال  فيكَ
ما بين الثنايا والذبذبات
يقولون هي قابلة ٌ للتأويل
فيما  إدراكي  يُنبئُني  بالنقيض
عَطشُ  صحرائِكَ   يُناجي  السراب
سأكونه  ولو  لِبُرهة
ثمَّ أمضي 
خَلفي  بَدرٌ  وذِئاب

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Do not choke on emotions nor suppress them. Let them flow like a river that nourishes your creativity.  Be in awe and listen to the sound of water. There lies the magical unfolding of your presence.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Arabic Poetry

الوقت أرجوحة منسيّة يُلاعِبُها الريح
ريحُ الذكريات  والاماني
فيما اناي خارج  الزمان  والمكان  كما داخلهما
إدراكٌ  طائف مبعوثٌ  للتحاور 
عاصفةٌ مداها في اتساعٍ مستمر
تُقلِب الامور رأساً على عقب
وفي عين العاصفة الكل اناي حتى الوقت

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Personal Note

Here my open ended intention-question that activates the process without limiting it:

How to be Aleph connecting Mother Earth to Father Cosmos while being an authentic channel of Pure Source Energy for the best benefit of all that is.

Arabic Poetry

كُلما شقّ الفجرُ  بانفاسِه عُمقَ الليل واسراره
تسألتُ هل لي من مِثله يا حُب
انسياب نورالعاشق حينما الولوج  كصلاة ٍ كَوْنية 
تغمرُ القلب حدّ المِعراج الى السموات السبع
والكُلْ في  داخلي  ودواخلي  يُسبّح  بحمده  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Arabic Poetry

في مهب النسيم
منتشرةٌ  كازهار كرز
لاثِمة ٌ، بتلة بتلة، سطحَ  ماءك    
وكشال ٍ من العطر على جسدك العاري  اراني
بين المِرآة  والذاكرة بعضٌ  من التدفق 
هذا الفجرُ
يُعيدُني الى بعضي
تدنو يدي من المِشّط
لأُسرِّح  بعضي والخُصلات

Arabic Poetry

تسابق  شوقي  اليه
والثواني سُلحفاة 
لثمَتني هالتُه
فتدحرجت الجدران بين الخلايا
وسال جسدي الى بَحره
قيل المرأة إحتواء 
وما رأيتُني الا صَدَفة ً على شواطئه
هَمَسَ  سِرّه والخلود في جَوفِها

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arabic Poetry

فيما الوقتُ  نملة  نائمة
يوقظني العِشق
والعِشقُ  نَفَس  خالص  يتوغّل
شموع ٌ تُراقِصُ  الريح  كما النسيم  فتضبط  إلايقاع
عيناي شُرفتان من الياسمين
تُطلان على المُلكِ  ومالكه ساعة السَحر
تطوف الروح عارية الى الينبوع 
تُضاءُ المرايا بالهَمْس
يغتسل الينبوع  بمائه عِشقا