Sunday, April 5, 2015

the real issue note

(Certain degree of simplification is used for enhanced clarity)

There are:
1- Soul infused personality (here realm)
2- Soul (higher realm)
3- Spirit (highest realm)

Through conventional Past Life regression sessions and/or meditation, one can profile his soul, meaning accessing higher realm.
Through OBE and/or meditation, one is able to contact Spirit, meaning accessing highest realm.

Yet the real issue here is how to anchor more of Spirit into physicality: Shifting from partial accessibility of Light to optimal one. It is no more "how to go there" but rather "how to anchor there here", experiencing Heaven on Earth.

P.S: Heaven that is mentioned above, is not about a fixed Deity (or pantheon of Deity) and who believes in Him, Her, It or Them. It is about empowering each one of us to access his Divine powers here and now.


Friday, April 3, 2015

When I meet Alexander . . . Past life regression

In my first group past life regression at Delphi, In Depth channeling workshop, I meet Alexander. With more meditations done on my own, I unearthed even more details. Multiple years have passed by, until now that I am able to jot down few lines without getting so emotional.

Alexander is a Russian boy living in Saint Petersburg. He is 17 years old, spending Summer with his grandparents at a remote place in the mountain, away from where he lived. One day while roaming the forest on his own, he finds a giant crystal: really giant column of crystal with pointed head. He puts his arms around the crystal in a warm hug, palms fully embracing it. While in a euphoric trance from the magical touch, a UFO, as if summoned by the crystal itself, appears and light beings descend. Time and Space take a weird turn. Suddenly, Alexander is within the circular UFO, lying down on something flat at the center. Images start to circulate around the walls. As if the inside walls have a strip of circular screen. He telepathically knows those images are about his soul in past and future incarnations. Something about Maya grasps his attention. Maybe it is her gaze full of compassion and that smile of hers, full of hope. He is mesmerized about her. Suddenly and abruptly, he is back on land while light beings saying goodbye. He rejects wholeheartedly leaving them. They do not ask even his opinion about it. As if their mission is accomplished. They leave, alone. For the first time in his life, Alexander feels real anger. A year passed and he enters the army. It is eighteen hundred something with a Tsar as ruler. He graduates from army as an extra serious young man. He becomes a scientist working on secret researches for the benefit of the army. His main project is how to regenerate the physical body through the etheric body using a mathematical equation. He roams battlefields and works on amputees to fine-tune his equation. As for his private life, in his thirties, his best friend of less fortunate background dies, leaving behind one daughter. Knowing how she might suffer and endure alone, Alexander marries her. Her name is Helena. Although they are to have together five kids, Alexander loves Helena as his daughter, his favorite one. He is extremely delighted to dance with her at the Tsar palace court during official ceremonies. It brings him such a joy to see her blossoming in such a regal way.
During one of his battlefield missions, he faces a tragic incident and loses his right arm. As frantically as he tries to finalize the equation as its worth got very personal, as much despair invades his life in slow but sure rhythm. He attempts to talk to Maya through his bridge from physical to etheric realms.  Then, depression hits him badly. He dies in his fifties while talking to Maya through his hallucinations, as he became alcoholic, telling her he now conveys to her the responsibility to regenerate the physical body from the etheric one: It is now her life mission. Also, he makes her promise to take care of Helena in whatever incarnation she might be, as a personal favor for him.

Maya is me, at least, my current name. Helena incarnated as my mother Houda whom I loved strangely enough as my daughter since I opened my eyes. I took care of Houda for 10 years while she was in coma. I bathed her much more than she ever bathed me. I still love her as my daughter, God bless her precious soul. During my teenage years and onward, my right arm used to get very agitated whenever I was emotionally disturbed, as if having a mind of its own. The remaining day of that first past life regression done in a group, my right arm got so agitated that I had to hold "it" with my left hand. The next day, during the morning meditation, light beings appeared and blessed my arm. Since that moment onward "it" ceased to be agitated yet always with a mind of its own as if tapping to another part of my soul. Gladly, it is no more agitated as its frustration with me catching up lessened. I am currently a metaphysician studying and experimenting with all possible healing modalities to find and found a way to regenerate the physical body from the etheric one. By the way, I hate alcohol, never had a sip.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


For a while as if excluded of Time and Space
Sea races wind in waves of passion
No need anymore for a mirror concerned about outer form
In an improvised sharing of deep essence
Salty, fiery and commanding
I too leave my body
And slip into the tiniest bubble gaps that love creates
Where are you?
The fullness of void
Explodes in physical longing
Autumn, early Spring

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The wicked way
The night sways within me
Closer to your breath

Where did my breath go?

And on which petal amrita glistened!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Arabic poetry on meditation series

أراقصُ الصمتَ في إيقاعٍ ناريّ من الانفاس
اتوغلّ داخلي نحو النبع
او هكذا شبّه لي
أم تراه النبع يتوغلّ الى كلّ كلي
اتلاشى مع آخر زفير ٍ بُرهة

اختبرها كإدراكٍ ازليّ لم يولد  
وفي العدم صعقة ُ الانبعاث
على رؤية ٍ غريبة
انا لستُ انا ولستُ النبع حصريا
انا فعلُ التوغّل 
ما بين النبع والكلّ

Arabic poetry on meditation

في فضائي الداخلي
لا جَسَدٌ لي سوى الحبّ
انهمرُ الوانا ً كقوس قزح
يُلاحِقها بدلال ٍ ضبابٌ  بنفسجيّ
لاتصاعد من خارجي الاول نحو خارجي الابعد
ذهَبا ً ينبض
مُستمرّ في الترحال
كشريان نور على تواصل مع الكل
لاسترجاع الشمس من عُمق الكون
والصمت يبوح
الكلّ انا

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lebanese slang poetry

زهر ونسمة هوا
بترندحني عَ شفاف السما
ومع كل شَهقة
غيمة سرحانة
"عَ  دروب "لو
قَوْلك طلع الوقت برّات الزمن
وسِكر بعيون زرقا
تيقلها بكَفّي وجع من
 حنين ما حدا بيعرف لمين

Friday, March 6, 2015

Metaphysical Observation

Certain people use pessimism as their shield of wisdom, an expression of their egotistic mental righteousness.
In a dimension of unified consciousness or as I like to surname it Sweet Divine Oneness, duality process of thinking is obsolete. There is no more pessimism nor optimism but rather authentic living with all the transparency that it commands.  There is no more judging but rather observing. It  is about honoring what is experienced irrespective of details of that given experience.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

(Arabic Poetry 2)

تسترسلُ عيناي في مُناجاة الشمس ساعة المغيب
تنزلقُ ذكرياتي على امواج البحر بريقاً بريقاً يَخفو
ذكرياتٌ مرتحلة ٌعنّي ترنو بعطفٍ الى الخيال في الوداع الاخير

انا لست انا
على افقٍ ذائبة ٌ الواني
الثُمها بانفاسٍ متقطعة
قبيل الولوج في كهف الناسك

أضيءُ   بَصيرتي
واستقرّ  في السكون
بين الثنايا
لا زفير ولا شهيق


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(Arabic Poetry 1)

حنيني الى مَعبد
بلا سَقفٍ ولا ابواب
يُلملمه تَمردُ الريح
في كفّ العدم
يعلو كأرز يُناجي
وينحني كثيراً كثيراً
من الرفق في عين الصمت
اكونه بعد أنفاس ٍ متأملة
في فيض ٍ نابض

Monday, February 23, 2015

Healers Note : Clarity of Vision

As healers, metaphysicians or more accurately energy activators, who have the sole target of empowering the other, we trigger a process that induces our subject to be in touch with his/her authenticity, realizing what is really his/hers and what is just contamination from others or dirt hanging on from the journey. We also channel Cosmic Energy coming from Pure Source to connect the physical body of our subject with it, the primordial source of all that is, switching on the memory of each cell back to perfect health. Yet, all healing is a self healing requesting the will, permission and cooperation of each subject soul.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


stoking gracefully
inner fire

expanding to the softness of light
and its warmth


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4 ~

fertile soil dumping
his perfume
again wet

under one umbrella
the sequence of verb tenses

fertile soil dumping
his perfume
not yet gone

under steadier rain
grammar of one verb and its tenses

fertile soil dumping
his perfume

under light rain
the shared breaths

3 ~

on a suspended gong
and his hammer's move
reverberating within ~

how closer, me can be to me!
with ease, grace and joy

2 ~

tasting your body
and exploding

into microcosm & macrocosm
how beautiful it is to disintegrate!

1 ~

bringing me closer to
your fingertips

balcony's open view
to sway my petals

Metaphysical note

On the relationship of the 5 elements (Ether, Fire, Air, Water, Earth) to the 5 senses, according to ancient knowledge:

Ether is related to sound / hear

Fire is related to vision / see

Air is related to touch

Water is related to taste

Earth is related to smell

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Bell's Palsy ~
gazing at the edge
where it seeps through

Solo flutter helplessly
the empty distance invades.

Monday, January 26, 2015

< >>

longing for a fleeting presence
alive like a winged scarf
I dye in patterns

migrating blues intensify the fire
to what depth does it seep through?

floating essence

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Breathing Note

Exhalation is yin, female energy symbolized by magnetism. Inhalation is yang, male energy symbolized by electricity. Light is an electromagnetic wave. Love making is essentially an act of respiration: balanced, rhythmic and prolonged.  A yogi practicing his pranayama is a lover of the Universe. Love is all about light, meaning electromagnetism. The halo around saints' head is a radiant electromagnetic field.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Message on Answers

Your task is not to search frantically for answers, like a cockroach doing a marathon in a closed lid bowl. Your task is to vibrate high, reaching transparency so that answers are revealed to you.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Am I And

                                                                    Even stronger
                                                                   Blur of ecstasy
                                                               Where am I to fly?
                                                        Each flowing lock seeking
                                                       A different sky of letting go
                                                    Flocks of sweat migrating South
                                        While a face gazes at North in blinding wonder
                                                  On a thunder of stillness dissecting
                                                                  Whirling within
                                                                     East to West
                                                   Am I all and the transmuted One?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Eye of Shiva Anatomy

Eye of Shiva Anatomy, Metaphysics by Maya Idriss
(personal research plus invisible guidance)

On the forehead (visualizing a vertical line mid forehead), there exist 4 chakras. When these chakras are all active, balanced and harmonized, the Eye of Shiva opens.
From down upward, they are:

+ Brow chakra (associated with Responsible Behavior)
+ Lower chakra (associated with the Intellect)
+ Middle chakra (associated with Hypothalamus, Divine Love)
+ Upper chakra/ slightly above normal hair line (associated with Thalamus, Divine Guidance, planet Uranus)

Among these four chakras, the most important one is the Middle chakra (Hypothalamus, Divine Love). Yet one needs to balance all 4 chakras and harmonize them to open Eye of Shiva.

It is crucial to note here, that if we consider brain mapping of chakras (the one that indicates which brain zone is connected to which chakra), we notice that the Hypothalamus is connected to the Solar Plexus. It is the most important chakra of all 7 chakras of the body. Solar Plexus is the Inner Sun, your core center around which everything rotates. Indeed, all is fractal geometry.

Monday, December 22, 2014


A buddhist enthusiast, dear friend of mine, Hanan, keeps insisting that Emptiness is different than Nothingness. His enthusiasm triggers in me an urge of being more creative to describe my vision, trying to refine it while adding more layers to it.

So, my trial is as follows:
On the highest level, there exists The Unified Field of Compassion. I am not calling it Oneness to avoid the 2 pitfalls of self identification and attachment. I am avoiding now to call it Nothingness to preserve the personal integrity of the smallest particle joining The Unified Field of Compassion. I am avoiding to call it Emptiness too, to not lose nor overstep its enriching and abundant nature.
So the question remains what to call it? Instead of searching for a name for it, I am to describe my feelings while in its zone, during an OBE of mine.
Let me first, take a deep breath and replay my experience, speaking in terms of present moment:
. . . I am there, at the highest dimension I have experienced. It has no color of ambiance. There is a kind of white noise that divulges certain depth of silence and an awareness of it. A kind of enriching void permeating everything as if floating mid nothingness. My higher self, as if a filament of that tapestry, speaks to me in there, without the necessity of me asking anything. I notice a certain surrender of unequivocal depth in me. While my higher self speaks to me, the depth of silence described as white noise, remains in the background, drawing sharper attention to what is spoken. Certain expansiveness engulfs me. It is an expansiveness that encompasses wholeness, never waiting for yet more expansion. This enriching void contains limitless info and an instantaneous ability to branch into it. My higher self speaks to me from time to time in there, as if to draw my attention to a specific info or message. Yet I can be there without the need of my higher self speaking to me. The feeling of compassion is of unchartered depth that makes even the physical body left behind in another dimension (yet connected to the soul that is OBE-ing) to start getting watery eyes. In there, I am the Wholeness of The Unified Field of Compassion while preserving and celebrating my personal integrity as if an individualized novelty expression of that ancient primordial Wholeness, preserving always the enriching diversity in that Wholeness.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gazing on whom we are

Our maturity grounds us 
yet the focus remains on our childlike nature that enables us to flow naturally.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Saint Charbel

P.S: I was just meditating. Not seeking to channel anyone. He appeared in my meditation and gave me the above message. He dictated it to me as if I am his secretary, once I acknowledged his presence. His voice had the sweetest tone, deep and full of compassion. Quite surreal, even for me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

my trip from Oneness to Nothingness

As long as I am aware of, I fell in love with mystic schools such as Sufism that speaks of Oneness. I internally comprehended it as "Unified Field of Compassion".

Lately my awareness went up a notch. It became clear to me that Oneness has two major pitfalls: Self-Identification and Attachment. I shifted my attention to Emptiness that Buddhism (specifically Nagarjuna)  praises or Nothingness that Hindu Avatars (ex, Babaji) advocate. Nothingness is Wholly yet without Attachment, without Self-Identification. 

My initial "Unified Field of Compassion" got a new name: Nothingness.

(P.S: In my personal lexicon, Nothingness is a synonym to Emptiness.)

What I learned in 2014

What I learned in 2014: It is not about convincing others with your answers but rather sharing your experiences with others to inspire or activate so that they have more awareness about their own experiences whatever those may be.
Gratitude to 2014.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Philosophical sidenote

Striving outwardly for a fixed answer is a trial to acquire a legit instrument to judge others by and divide them into groups. Judging and dividing satisfy only the ego.
 An observer is never seeking a yardstick but rather to 'be' to heighten his awareness while inspiring or activating what is observed. An observer sees or at least try to see from all angles as One (merging yet not identifying) with each angle. Moreover, an observer is bi-locating, permeating through the dimension of what is observed and at the same time existing in another dimension that is pure. Thus the observer is an energetic channel of prime dimension, described too as holistic emptiness. Yet an observer is a co-creator in the dimension of what is observed, and responsibility rises from this role. Responsibility is not in terms of right or wrong but rather derived out of authenticity, whatever resonating within as co-creator. As an observer, it is crucial to know when to move on.